We start the new year with a fabulous 5 track EP by Julian Rocchi & Nicolas Buccafusca including two remixes by Baunder and Bock & Fuchs. The EP kicks off with “Right Copy”, the title track of this EP. The progressive house track features stirring pad sounds and ever evolving percussive elements. Next comes Baunders remix of “Right Copy”. He added more depth to to the track trough a sweet musical landscape carried by a blend of additional harmonies. The second original track “White Rhino” captivates through a more forward approach, where driving drums and a hypnotic melody will make sure to get everyone moving. The remix of “White Rhino” was crafted by Mirror Records veteran Bock & Fuchs and fits perfectly to the EP, giving it additional dynamics and clarity. “Insight” finally completes the EP with its club-focused sound and rounds off this release beautifully.